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Cleaning Instructions

Shade Maintenance
Silk Dupioni can be dusted by taking a clean cloth and placing it on the shade and with a cleaning wand of a vacuum gently vacuum the dust from the shade. Shake cloth and replace and continue the process across the shade.

Stain Treatment
Do not use common fabric cleaners on Silk Dupioni as it will leave water marks and rings. If a stain occurs test an inconspicuous spot with Dry Cleaning fluid. Gently dab and blot affected area. Recovering may be required for extreme stains.

Metal Surfaces
All exposed metal is coated with either a powder coating or clear lacquer for corrosion protection. Use a damp cloth with a mild nonabrasive cleaner to remove any smudge or grease marks from armatures or stems. Otherwise general dusting is advised for appearance maintenance.

Wood Surfaces
All exposed wood is stained with a protective finish to preserve the integrity of the wood. Dust with a duster for general up-keep. For smudges and finger prints wipe with a damp cloth and a mild nonabrasive cleaner to remove unsightly residue.

Glass Surfaces
Please make sure the glass is cool to the touch. Use a mild glass cleaner to wipe down all glass surfaces. General dusting for general up keep is advised. For Glass Finials take care when wiping down the finials as they are suspended from wires that need not be twisted.

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